Gainesville FL

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That’s how you get ants
is where i will be from the 5-14. anyone want to grab me for an afternoon?
dude i live like right up above gainesville by like ~1 hour... also, i can show you some cool shit out there... there's a dragstrip and also a small road course nearby it... it's 95 bucks to practice all day on the road course.
do you have your car or ? im not exactly mobile.... i would have to drive my grand dad's van or see if my friends wanna go
go Gators!! .. i've been to Gainsville once.. my exGFs best friend went to school there.. and we stayed for like a week.. little party town
3 hours north of me or I'd drag your bum ass somewhere lol. I personally hate Gainesville. IMO, Tallahassee is the best college town in FL. Been there a bit myself.

Actually, I'm supposed to ride to Daytona to catch a few of the races at bike week, but I'd still be a little ways away and I don't think I want you on the back of my bike.