Gauge And Other Misc. Problems.

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Hey, I just recently acquired a 93 honda civic si hatch with 118XXX on it. It was a stolen recovery and I bought it as is. I have a few problems with it.

-Only my Tachometer works and I have Matrix Indiglo's that the prevrious owner installed. All my other gauges don't work including my odometer, speedo, fuel, temp.
-My srs light is on and I replaced the fuse and the air bag is still there not engaged or anything of that sort. The car ismissing the ignition though also.
-My car is surging when I come to an idle after driving it for about 10 minutes or so. It is going from 1000 rpms to about 500 every few seconds. going up first then down.
for the idle surging, clean the air filter (of put new one in) check coolant levels, check the coolant temp sensor (forgot the actuall name)

For the gauges not working, you could just have a wire that is loose/disconnected or you blew a fuse.
I already cleaned my air filter but I might aswell again. It is kind of busted...Kind of dented because my friend that was putting it on bent it and shit....Its aem cai and I still can't find one to not many shops have one instock with the 4 inch extension so it goes on easy and not under my bumper support. I just did a coolan flush and I am replacing the tstat in it tonight. Please give me some more help ful advice I need it horribly bad.
it sounds like a faulty IAC valve, or perhaps a vacuum leak..

measure the voltage of the TPS sensor make sure it is .5 volts closed
Originally posted by Slammed89Integra@Dec 19 2002, 07:09 PM
I just did a coolan flush and I am replacing the tstat in it tonight. Please give me some more help ful advice I need it horribly bad.

Did it just start when you did the coolant flush? Mine did that too because there was air in the system, and when that excaped, i was low on coolant.

Y didnt you do the coolant flush and thermostat at the same time? Well anyways, when you put the thermostat in, make sure you line the little rubber bumps up to the thermostat housing groves. If you dont do that you leak like crazy
I didn't think about the tstat when I was doing the flush because there was fucking hella shit in it like mud or something. It didn't take that much fluid at all, just 1 gallon of anti freeze so I would think there would be some air in there or something. But does anyone know about ma gauge problems? or shoudl I just buy me a fricking new gauge cluster? Thanks for your time
did change the fuse, has it been like that since you bought it. When the guy put the white gauge covers, he probally did not attach a wire properly and it came loose, Go to or (one of those is for the del Sol the other one is save the children bs i forgot which site is the one you want) go there and they have a how to remove your gauge cluster. Check to see if everything is all nice and tight in there. When you flushed it, did you flush inside the block too. Make sure that you attach the hose to the upper radator hose outlit and blow in it to get the extra water out of the block. Otherwise you will not get a good 50/50 mix of coolant. (do the same thing with your radatior) when you are done, bleed the system for about a half an hour to get all the air bubbles out.
i have a 92 hatch and those same problems occured a while back for me. as for the guage cluster take it out and check if the harness is plugged in th back, it could be that simple.

as for your srs light, have you taken it out to see if the airbag has been deployed, if it was a salvage title it may have been in a accident or someone could ahve stolen the airbag.

and the idle going from 500 to 1000 rpm, thats a very common problem with those year hb's before i did my first swap mine did the same thing. i didn;t bother fixing it because i was going to replace the mtoor anyways, but i did have it checked out... they said o2 sensor.
Hey I already did took out the gauges and everything is plugged into it. I was told that the pins might not be connected. I already checked the airbagt and it was still there and the fuse is good. I will probably buy o2 sensor because it seems as if I am running rich anways. WHen I did the flush before that was actual mud in my radiator but was told by my friend that works for a honda place that it can be cleaned out and fixed if I did it the way he told me so I did. Thanks again for your time. No answer is worse then a wrong answer to my problem.