Gen 2 Integra Swap

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How hoard is a 1st gen b16a into a 90-93 integra. i know that these morors come stock in the gen 2 integras over in japan so it seems like it should be a direct bolt in. Do any of the mounts have to be modifyd? Any clearence issues? Anything have to be banged out to make the motor fit right?
If you are putting this B16A into a 90-91 Integra, it is pretty easy, no need to reshape the bay or even get a motor mount kit. Just add wires for VTEC and go. If you are trying to put it into a 92-93 you are installing an engine older than the chassis into it which will be both illegal and difficult to wire.

Before you do, consider this: The B16 came in the DA for 2 or 3 years. Then they dumped it for the B18C. I think even Honda realized that the B16 doesn't produce enough torque for that chassis. It does work and you will have a reasonably fast car, but people with a comprably built B17, B18C, or LSVTEC will walk all over it. Just make sure you know what you are getting before you purchase the swap.
Im planing on putting the B16a into my 92 integra. What kind of wiering problems am i going to face? Will i need a mounting kit? i know that my chasis is a little heavy for the swap but after i have it built it should do just fine. Legality is no problem cause the cops around where i live don't know anything bout cars. They only pull people over for those riced out pisser lights.
You will not need a mount kit. For wiring you will need to convert your chassis to OBD0 or your engine to OBD1. I don't know which would be easier.
Thanks for the help. I now plan on doing a ls vtec with my b18 block. Everything ive been seeing from the dyno runs w/ those engines is insane. if u have any insight on the frankenstine itd be alot of help. thanx again.