Getting back into detailing and paint correction.

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more of just a side business type deal. something to help while going to school. if i can get 1 good job per week i would be more than happy.
i have cards, will probably just make a facebook page or something, havnt looked into a website as of yet. but, just something i like doing and hope to make a little extra money with.

I would recommend getting a sticker for the side of your car. but then you would have to keep it spotless so people trust your work. lol
If I get a vehicle specifically for detailing that will happen. As it sits the forester won't be getting a full service any time soon. It has a lot of dings and dents and some hail spots. Making it glossy would make those stand out more. But, keeping it as it is makes it easy to use it for test spots as well when trying new compounds and pads. That being said, the green is awesome for hiding dirt, so it still looks pretty good.
did a paint correction on a friends cobalt. black is always fun. here are some before shots.
IMG_1958 (1280x853) - Copy.jpg IMG_1959 (1280x853) - Copy.jpg IMG_1961 (1280x853) - Copy.jpg IMG_1962 (1280x853) - Copy.jpg IMG_1963 (1280x853) - Copy.jpg IMG_1964 (1280x853) - Copy.jpg IMG_1965 (1280x853) - Copy.jpg IMG_1967 (1280x853) - Copy.jpg IMG_1969 (1280x853) - Copy.jpg IMG_1973 (1280x853) - Copy.jpg IMG_1977 (1280x853) - Copy.jpg IMG_1978 (1280x853) - Copy.jpg IMG_1988 (1280x853) - Copy.jpg IMG_1998 (1280x853).jpg IMG_1999 (1280x853) - Copy.jpg IMG_2000 (1280x853).jpg

and some during shots

IMG_2017 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2021 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2024 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2025 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2027 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2029 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2030 (1280x853).jpg

and some after shots, taken a few days after thanks to a combination of timing and weather.

IMG_2065 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2066 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2067 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2069 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2076 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2079 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2081 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2083 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2085 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2105 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2106 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2110 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2111 (1280x853).jpg


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Also did a friends 66 Crown Imperial.
mainly a wash and wax, did a polish buff on the hood and trunk lid. made a good bit of difference though. was battling tree sap constantly while washing this one. which was a pain in the ass. apparently a tree behind their place constantly sprays sap. had to use the detail spray every few minutes to get it off while working.

IMG_2031 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2032 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2033 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2036 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2031 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2032 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2033 (1280x853).jpg


IMG_2050 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2051 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2052 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2053 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2057 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2059 (1280x853).jpg IMG_2063 (1280x853).jpg


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Lol. That thing has pearlescent leather with lots of creases. no tears, but dirty. I'm looking up what to use on them safely. What I have wasn't enough by itself, and I didn't want to scrub too hard and harm the pearl coating.
looks good, especially the swirl marks.
probably going to be making a website tonight or tomorrow. limited pictures, but somethings better than nothing.
probably just a quick wordpress type thing. theres a cars and coffee meet up here in town on sat mornings, and the first sat of the month is always the biggest. want to get some more cards made with a website on it to hand out there. have y buddy bringing his classic mini so im going to stick some on the windshield. and then just give them out while talking to people.
go to a junkyard and get an old hood or door or something you can fit in the forrester, and tape line it down the middle and do a 'before and after' panel right there. put your biz cards all around it.
might do that. a buddy has a black bmw trunk lid in his garage. might ask to borrow it. good suggestion.
picked up the trunk lid today. will make a great 50/50 display. black and nasty. lol. will be polishing it up on friday and will post some pics.
Well, did the deck lid today. Paint was much worse than expected. Was so dirty that I couldn't tell it had been repainted. With single stage paint. Pretty half assed. But, still cleaned up pretty good and will serve the purpose.
will post some better pics tomorrow
Can you get rid of the two lines on the right side? May help you a little bit, since people may see those and keep on walking.
No. If it wasn't single stage paint, then yes. But, this paint wouldn't yield much before causing damage. Almost burned it in a few places. I'll post the before pics of that side up this weekend. Was rough as shit. I tried on those scratches a couple of times, but that was the best they would get before risk vs reward tilts in the wrong direction.
it might be in your favor-- 'look, it's not a miracle worker.... i can't repair paint that isn't there'
Here's my work on my car.


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