Girlfriends Solo Road Trip?

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With all these weirdo's around now a day, would any of you let your girlfriend/wife travel across a desert all alone?

I want to hear the goods and bads... Tell me what you think.
Keep the doors locked, if she thinks she could do it let her, but there is also a lot of good people out there, hopefully more then the bad, (keep a 9mm in the glove box j/k)
no cuz the guy can rip the 9mm away

if she wants to go on a solo road trip it's because she wants some distance, adventure, or some sex, or be independant.

why can't you go with her?
Didn't say I couldn't go she just told me that oh yeah by the way I'm going out of town next weekend. Just like that, pretty weird huh?
it might help to put a poll at the top of this thread.

it sounds to me like somethings up, that she is getting at you for something, but doesnt want to come out and say it.
I think if you could convice her to take a friend along it would make you feel a little better than her traveling alone.
How far is accross the desert anyway we talkin 200miles or 3000 miles.
Besides that if my wife wanted to take a road trip I'd be game. Traveling and educating yourself while visiting different places is always a great time.
Hell when the cat's away the mice will play.
sounds very odd.. like she might not be traveling on her own.. she might not be traveling at all..just going to someone elses home.. unless she always has told you shit last minute and is those "adventureous" girls who just do their own thing.

I drove across the country and it was lame (part of that was driving through the desert).. having someone there makes it way better.
somethings up... would you go off by yourself?

somethings wrong imo. going with someone else would change things 360.
Originally posted by khan@Oct 10 2002, 09:42 PM
somethings up... would you go off by yourself?

Fuck yeah I do it all the time.
I got for 4-5 days at a time. not travelin across the desert, but traveling with a band I like to tour with frequently.

I'm addicted to phish, great music, great people = good time.

People are so paranoid that oh my girl wants to go somewhere she must be cheatin on me. Hell if you can't trust her to take a trip for a few days thne ya got problems.

Again , I vote for let her take a trip have and have a great time.

Tho I'm still like to think it's not an experience if you can't take someone along.
Not saying she's going to cheat. We are very close and planning a wedding. It's just not like her to want to go for a 3 day trip and only tell me like 5 days before. I just don't get it. But, hey maybe it's something to do with the wedding, who knows. I'm saying she's leaving me or going to cheat on me, that's the last thing she'd do. It's just odd...
tghis might be what she needs... if you guys are tying the knot, she might want one last free deal on ehr own to do what she wants...

it could be a test dude... women are fucked like that
I hear that fucking loud and clear... I had a stupid cheating bitch before and that's not the case hear. I tried to figure woman out and give up, buy them what they want and do what they want and you'll be a well taken care of man.