Good injector size for LS turbo.

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Like i said in another thread i want to make about 300hp on pump gas with a turbo b18b. For the guys with monster ls/t's, what kind of injectors are you running?
Anybody? Myself i was thinking 370cc's, i don't want too much fuel getting blown in at low engine speeds, but maybe 400 would be better for the power levels i plan on making. :blink:


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I have a b18b, and a set of dsm 450 cc injectors. I will be using a smc (basically a afc hack only its 100 bucks)

I plan on running 8 psi...for now. A lot of people on this board highly recommend hondata, as well they should...but for me hondata is kinda out of the question. I have no laptop, no dyno anywhere close, i dont know how to tune the shit with hondata, and its a lot more expensive and i feel that it may be overkill for the boost levels that im running.

Perhaps when i build up my motor i will upgrade to stand alone, but for now the afc hack and 450 cc's should hold up. Go to or clubsi, they have a lot of good reviews and info about the smc.

Good luck!
Don't you think 450cc's is alot of gas for 8lbs of boost? :blink:
Oh, and thanks for the help. :)


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Originally posted by Silver94Teg@Dec 28 2002, 10:45 PM
Don't you think 450cc's is alot of gas for 8lbs of boost? :blink:
Oh, and thanks for the help. :)

no, most turbo kits give you 440cc injectors. He is building for turbo, so no, its not to much.


i will be running 720's :p

440s at a minimun IMO for any turbo set up.

remeber, if it doesn't need it, the ecu wont spit it in, and it will be returned to the tank.
upping your injectors doesn't mean the end to fuel economny,