Got my motor!!!

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I just got my d16z6 today for my 90 crx si. Ran into a little bit of a problem. The wiring harness doesn't plug in to the connectors near the fuse box. I'm planning on ghetto rigging the vtec using a fields afc vtec controller, a auto relay, and a rpm switch, but how do i plug the wiring harness into my ecu??? the plugs don't match!!! i'm confused. I could really use the help, i can't find it anywhere.
Hope this helps

Wiring diagram for MSD rpm switch part #PN8950 and an MSD module selector part # PN8670 with 30 amp 4 wire automtive relay:

Red Wire-------------------------12 V source
Black Wire-----------------------( - ) Ground
White Wire----------------------( - ) Side of the ignition coil ; splice or conect to ECU pin B15 or B17
Yellow Wire---------------------# 86 on the relay ; you have to cut the two loop wires

30 amp relay
#85 ------12 V source
#86-------Yellow wire form the rpm switch
#30-------12 V source
#87-------Vtec solenoid (green and yellow wire)
#87a-------Not used

Field SFC vtec controller for 88-91 crx application : vtec controller ECU pin location

Red wire--------splice/connect to A15 (yellow/black)
Green Wire-----splice/connect to B15 (white)
Dark Blue-------to vtec solenoid
Yellow-----------not used
White/green---not used
Purple-----------cut/connect to B16 ecu side (white/red)
Light Blue------cut/connect to B16 engine side (white/red)
Orange---------cut/connect to C11 ecu side (white)
Brown----------cut/connect to C11 Engine side
Black-----------( - ) ground