Got Pulled Over...

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Let me set this one up...
So i was coming back from the store at like midnight tonight, and i ran over some road kill... It turned out to be a skunk. So I am getting back to school, and some of my buddies are kickin it in the parking lot so i come in and gun it towards them jokingly (i was in first gear and revved to 5k). They keep on walking towards my building, and I park... all of the sudden i see blue and red light and two white spots in my mirror and they are coming at me... The cop gets out of the car and walks over to me and says, "you in ahurry there" and i was all, "uh i ran over a skunk and i was trying to ditch some of that sent..." you could smell a faint whiff of it, enough to let him buy my story. The cop then asks if i know the speed limit in a parking lot. I say, "15?" he says, "its 10." He asked me how fast i was going and I responded, "well i was going under 25, but probably over 15." then i said, "it is a civic i could not have been going that fast." (Luckily for me i have no exaust mods all my mods are under the hood, and my DX emblem is still on :) ) So he takes my licence, registration and proof of insurance. waits for my record to come back clean. Then shoots the shit with me about the bike rack on my car and lets me go with a warning.
I love campus cops this is the seccond time i have been pulled over and both times with warnings, I need to start being more careful, on campus...


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campus cops are the worst ones around UNH. They will fucking rape you for anything they can.


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Originally posted by MaaseyRacer@Apr 8 2003, 09:18 AM
yeah man campus police are real cops, in fact they are state cops.....

:werd: we got them here to at csus. never had a run in with them though. good thing you got out of it, if it were me, with my loud shit, i would have gotten a ticket :lol: