GSR in h/b What all is needed and fair installatio

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TiredOFmy f**kinLX

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Ok guys I am trying to get as much info on this possible so when the time comes I just have to make the calls and drop the car off.

At this point I am leaning towards for the B18C1. Since I've heard they are reliable and have good engines. Also, they claim they'll beat any price. $3,300 plus shipping seems to be fair to me IF it's a good motor.

Here's what's included:

Complete motor and hydro tranny,ecu(P72),axles,shift linkage,stock motor mounts,engine harness and all sensors needed.Motors have under 35,000 miles and come with 100% start up warranty.Lsd tranny equipped available upon inquireing.(JDM and USDM spec available). Motors come with no sensors broken guarantee.

Is all that listed above OEM GSR parts? Is there anything else the installers will need for the swap to go in?

What ecu is a P72?

Should I look into the Lsd tranny upgrade or use the hydro tranny? What the hell is a hydro tranny?

Shift linkage is everything needed including the shifter, right?

How long should it take for a B18C1 in a h/b? I called a local shop and they said about a week @$850 if there are NO major problems. The guy said they deal with a lot of imports. I wanted to ask the guy "how would there be any problems since this is suppose to be a direct swap??"

Thanks for the info on this!
p72 is the gsr ecu
make sure its the right obd.
you need a hydro tranny for 92 civics
the LSD is a limited slip differential. if you can afford it, buy it

a week and 850?
shit do it your self in a weekend and save the money.