Gsr Into Cx Wiring Details?

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I wanna be sedated
Someone putting in a GSR would need to convert to a four wire o2 and wire the air intake bypass right?How would they go about it?They are going to run a P72 ECU and use their CX harness.
wtf is an air intake bypass? you mean iab? that stands for intake air butterflies

you need (considering same obd motor/car)
4-wire 02
vtec & vtec pressure
IAB control
depends on what OBD series you are running on. OBD2 P72 will need wire relocation. better if you bought a adapter. OBD2 P71 will just wire up. you will need to do a 4 wire O2 conversion, VTEC Switch and Soleniod, and IAB (Pissed Off------> you are wrong about IAB, it;s Intake Air Bypass.) Butterflies is just a terminology for it.
Ok stop the madness :p ,IAB (I know I got the Intake and air backwards) anyway,what I need to know for this guy is do they just get wired straight to the ECU or what?And what needs to be done to convert to a four wire,splice em together,add some what?He is using the OBD I ECU so it will plug into his car(no need to convert anymore than nescessary eh).
OOOPPSS, wrong sayin...on my upper post, i said on the OBD2 P72 you need wire relocation, on the "OBD1 P72 will bolt on" not OBD2 P71......wat tha fuk was i talkin about????
plug in the OBD1 P72 and then just wire Vtec/knock etc. to ECU. shouldn't be that hard. like bread and butter.