GTM Supercar replica Kit


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What do you all think of this car kit? Personally, i think its one of the hottest desings i have seen. Building this up would be a blast.

GTM Supercar
Too much gas.
Lots of go, but why not a Welcome to Ariel Atom which would be much more fun. I mean shit neither of them will be driven in wet conditions...
In a world where thundering Supercars routinely crest 3500 lbs, the track-tested and tuned 2350 lb. GTM is a refreshing return to sportscar fundamentals. Factory Five lightning strikes with a hp/wt ratio similar to that of a Daytona Prototype. With a stock LS7 powerplant, the car maintains a 4.8 lbs per hp ratio. Connected to the pavement via huge 335 series rear tires, it enjoys acceleration numbers better than almost any production vehicle on the road today.

The GTM is faster 0-60 mph than a Ferrari Enzo, a Porsche GT, a Saleen Twin Turbo S7, a Ford GT, and a Lamborghini Mucielago*! The GTM even beats out a Champ car to 60 mph! **

0-60 in 3.0 seconds!
0-100 in 6.6 seconds!
¼ mile in 11.0 seconds @ 132 mph!

But a Supercar isn’t just defined by acceleration. The GTM’s ultra-stout, ultra light space frame chassis and deep breathing LS Series V-8 power combine with modern suspension and brake components to deliver Supercar performance in braking and roadholding as well.

The GTM stops and turns just as fiercely or moreso than the rest of the Supercar gang. With stock Corvette brakes, the GTM slows to a stop from 70 mph in only 166 feet, outbraking the mighty $157,000 Ford GT. That was STOCK Corvette brakes, not $30,000 carbon/ceramic.

Want roadholding? The GTM turns faster than it falls thru the air. Car and Driver measured a phenomenal 1.05 lateral G on street DOT tires. To put that in context, the Ferrari Enzo is the only car that matches it!

The car is light and aerodynamic, with excellent weight distribution and precise race-car handling/braking derived from the Chevrolet Corvette C-5. The car uses potent GM LS series engine power and Corvette suspension/brakes with Koni brand coil-over shocks and a Porsche 911 transaxle to get the job done.

Do all of that for under $20,000. Thats cheaper than a Civic Si. Win imho.. assuming you can find someone to insure the thing.
I dont like it, but if it does what they say it can and can be had for $20K, Ill take one.

lol, not even close...just the kit is 20k

you need to buy the LS7 crate engine about 13k, tranny, gears, paint job etc....

you do get however the full interior gauges, chassis, body etc
The kit is ~$20k. Car costs between $30k and $40k depending on parts, paint, and wheel/tire combo used.

The car is a Ferrari killer. Factory Five puts out some mean machines with this one leading the pack. Honestly the weakest components in their kits are the donor parts.

That being said, I LOVE this car. I will own one in my lifetime. Of course, if money flows in, I'll own one of each Factory Five.
Almost forgot, on top of all the performance aspects, this car gets better mpg than a Corvette. 30+ highway.
me? ha! i'm broke. No, better yet, i'm in debt up to my eyeballs.

2009 is a get out of debt year for me. i'm making 0 major purchases this year unless i have to (ie, car breaks down, tv blows up, etc)
Go for it!!!

What exactly do you guys not like about it(for those that say no)? It looks decent, but those performance numbers are great.