Linzi's K24 EJ1 Build - BIG RED

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Decided now that I have my K24 I can start a build thread here :)s one up here!

Another girl driven and girl built civic. Courtesy of Import Sweethearts

Most recent pictures (sorry might be huge):


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Mod List:

"Everything coming soon" (brownie points to those who get where this is from)

Auto zone short ram intake (came with car)
Competition clutch stage 1
Light weight competition flywheel 11lbs

BC Racing BR Coilovers
CCW - LM5T's 16x8 +25
Nitto Neogens 205/45
Energy suspension poly bushings
Rear disc brake conversion from DC2 Integra
Stoptech stainless steel brake lines

Corbeau VX2000 Racing Seats - Red/Black
Carbon fiber dash bezel
NRG short hub
NRG quick release 2.0
NRG Red leather wheel

Custom painted plaid hood
eBay 50/50 tail lights

Kenwood single din
Pioneer speakers

To be installed:
Install bushings

Future plans:
Upgrade rotors/big brake kit
Upgrade prop valve & master brake cylinder
Roll fenders
Sway bars
Strut tower bars
Front lip
Amber corners
Down the road...Supercharger

Day 1 - 12/19/2012 1am

Car is dirty as f*ck, needs a good de-ricing and a bath.

Update 1/1/12
I ordered BC Racing Br coilovers with the extreme drop kit, bought a set of temporary wheels that will do until I pick a new set. I'm thinking OG Sakuras black with polished face. And I got a JDM rear window visor and the type r lip for Christmas. Pics will be up as parts are installed.

1/9/13 - BC Racing Type BR Coilovers have arrived!!
Hopefully will be installed this weekend! Also I have put new temporary wheels on, they are much better then the last set but have a very slow leak. They'll do the trick for now.


Can you tell I have a thing for Hondas? The white EG belongs to my best friend Travis.

Also did a lot of maintenance stuff thus far from christmas till now I discovered my oil leak (rear main seal), did an oil change, transmission fluid change, brake line flush, new spark plugs & wires, fuel filter replacement, lucas fuel treatment, slowly detailing the interior, removed all aftermarket wiring for subs/halos/remote start.
I have ordered my competition stage 1 clutch and competition flywheel, planning on replacing them when I replace my rear main seal. Clutch is totally shot.

Today I went to Cars and Coffee in the daily then came home and with my friends help installed the new coilovers on big red.

Here's the daily at cars and coffee

1/18/13 - lowered rear, semi installed tail lights.
Today we lowered the rear another 1.75" or so, and I installed half my tail light because the awesome previous owner removed the harness for the trunk light so I need to go get some from the salvage yard. I also picked up a rear disc brake conversion from an integra today. Overall quite productive. Here's a meme with a picture of my car with the new drop. I need to get legit pictures. Clutch and flywheel have not been installed yet.

1/30/13 - Oh Herro Corbeau
"Buy a coupe" they said
"You don't need the space" they said

Found a set of used Corbeau vx2000's in my area (my dream seats) and I managed to cram them in my FG!! Can't wait to get the rails.

2/2/13 - test fit new seats!
Still need rails but they look pretty!


Installed rear disc brake conversion, still waiting on a brake line from the guy I bought it from and I need to hook up the ebrake. Should get my rails in for the seats this weekend!

2/12/13 - rails in I'm being lazy
Got the other brake line in all that's left is reconnecting the e-brake and bleeding the lines.

As of 3/5/13 - seats are in!
Bled the brake lines and finished bolting in the seats. I am stripping the paint off these wheels underneath is bronze powder coating. I have also ordered another set of wheels. Here's some pictures


3/9/13 - Bushings!
Picked up a poly bushings kit and front stainless steel brake lines, I'm waiting to install the brake lines until I have the rears as well.

3/22/13 - on Vicodin at FedEx
My wheels are here!!!!!!! I just got my wisdom teeth pulled but my level of f***'s given is ZERO!!! Will mount tomorrow.

3/23/13 - eating tire oh nooooo
They're on! CCW LM5T's wrapped in Nitto neogens. Fenders need to be rolled badly. I'm eating tire with no one in the car and my drop is uneven. I need to correct that before I can even test drive but the height is almost perfect. I'd like to go half an inch lower but we'll see!


Sometime between march and April I adjusted the height a little but it's still uneven. My best friend helped me roll the fenders enough to drive it but not long distances.

4/14/13 - If she likes the D, she'll love the K
My K24A4 was purchased and delivered on Sunday! Yay for K!

-interim update-
I still need to replace my rear main seal and install my new clutch. I need my D16 running properly so I can still show the car while building the K24 but its proving damn near impossible to find anyone to help with my rear main. Soooo :(

4/17/13-4/20/13 little stuff
Finished putting in my 50/50 tail lights and painted my side moldings. Also painted my valve cover last weekend on the d16 not super thrilled with it but oh well!

4/21/13-4/23/13 - PLAID!
Well I always hated my rattle canned hood ever since I bought it. I had some creative ideas on how to fix it but on Thursday I decided plaid would be bad ass. And so I repainted it black and then painted it plaid before a photo shoot I had Tuesday. Here's the process pics:



Here's two of my crappy iPhone pics from the photoshoot location!


Next up, ordering carbon fiber hood and trunk, fender rolling, fix roof hail damage and then get back to work on upgrading brakes and suspension.

5/10/13-5/12/13 - rear main/clutch/fly wheel but no axle

So I have been crying and whining about my rear main seal for a while looking for a friend to pitch in to help me, especially since I've picked up my sponsorship. Well Friday two of my best guy friends surprised me by coming to my house and getting it started, and finished it yesterday. The car sounds so much better already, but the passenger side axle still needs to be replaced, the new one I have doesn't seem to fit right.

Anyways, here's two videos of her first start up... Ignore my friend Jess who doesn't know how to work a camera lol. Girl can turn a wrench but technology is too much.

Also I ordered my NRG Steering wheel, hub, and quick release on Friday from Trackstar Distributors! Can't wait to get them in!!

5/25/13 - Carbon Fiber and New wheel!!
Installed my new NRG wheel, hub, and release as well as my carbon fiber dash bezel! Next up is lip, amber corners, and continuing suspension upgrades.
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Really neat work there ! It breaks molds in not only the way you wanted it to break molds, but the rest of it that's "Untouched" (At this point, what's untouched, I know) looks so clean that it's shocking in that regard itself.

And you know my feelings for the wheels. <3
I dig it.

I know this doesn't belong here but WTFITG (Who the fuck is this guy?) ^

Nice car Linzi. Still want to do more to my EG sedan someday... maybe. That or I may just buy an M :D
should be very nice with a k. big improvement over a d lol. whats the suspension and brake setup looking to get in front. im sure i missed it somewhere
I know this doesn't belong here but WTFITG (Who the fuck is this guy?) ^

Nice car Linzi. Still want to do more to my EG sedan someday... maybe. That or I may just buy an M :D

Not to thread jack, but I may have been a bit over zealous with my assessment of the BMW maintenance costs. The air filter and oil change kit costs $120. That is basically $90 oil changes right there.
Haha, by a few months... I don't know if I ever remember seeing a post of his before lol.
Really neat work there ! It breaks molds in not only the way you wanted it to break molds, but the rest of it that's "Untouched" (At this point, what's untouched, I know) looks so clean that it's shocking in that regard itself.

And you know my feelings for the wheels. <3

I plan on keeping it looking basically stock. I have OEM Honda splash guards should be arriving today. I love the lines on the car, I don't think there's much I can do to improve how it looks. Other than a front lip and slightly more low in the rear. I like having a kind of funky hood, I was inspired by my best friends EG hood, it's graffiti. Pictures below:

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Whoah calm down. He is with me all the time, it became a joke that I can't take a picture of my car without him in it. So then we started doing it intentionally. Breath.

Oh, don't mind Injen. He wasn't mad. He wanted to know if your friend is gay because he thinks that he's cute! :D