Gude Racing Package

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I have been wondering about gude performance ( They have a package that they claim will give you 50 plus horsepower after they Port and Polish the Head, Port intake manifold, Valve grind, TB, and Cam. I was wondering if anybody here as used this company before, do you think it would be worth like $1650, and have you heard much about this company?

Gude sucks big donkey balls.
Don't just walk away, run away screaming...
Seriously, don't touch anything Gude/Bullfrog
gude has been around for a while, i remember looking at there hood about a year ago, but it wont fit on my sol.
50 horses for 1650?
i dunno but headwork is expensive so its prolly a good deal
lsvtec: have you had personal experiece with this company or know of anyone who ever has? What turns you away from them?
I used to hang around and and there was a new Gude horror story every week. Thier cams are all regrinds so they wear very quickly, etc. To put it lightly everyone I have talked to that has used Gude/Bullfrog products has been dissapointed at best, out of an engine at worst.
I drive a 90 honda accord LX and it is an automatic lightly modded. I was thinking of doing a H22 swap to it. If I don't go that route what would be the next thing to do for some real performance. I have I/E and adjustable cam gear?
headers, plugs, wires, intake manifold, throttle body, igntion package ice msd watever, im just throwin out upgrades. should get you into the 15's with all of this. then again its a auto <_<
the ignition system will do nothing for you, your oem ignition is fine
its header not headers mang! i seen dyno charts that had losses on after the put on a new header. it all depends on what the mods done to your car and the condition of you motor.
Originally posted by 2fastaccord@Jan 3 2003, 05:57 PM
How many HP do you honestly think you get from a good set of headers and would you recommend 4-2-1 or 4-1?

Ford 351 windsor could get around 8 to 10hp with a good set of headers.But a header on a 4 banger -2 to 15 depending on the other limitless factors involved with making power.
I think alot of it has to do with the size of the engine. My brother has a cl-type S (lucky bastard lol), when he dynoed he got 32hp over base-line with the comptech headers. A friend of his put DC headers on his RSX and actually LOST about 4hp.
quality of the equipment and how restricted the stock setup was has a lot to do with how much you will gain or lose... the more restricted it is the more room to improve there is... (a 1st gen RX7 can gain up to 40hp from doing the full exhaust... but thats cuz the stock setup is thin as hell and has 3 cats on it)
4-2-1 will give you more mid range power and4-1 will give you more top end. It has to do with the way the header scavenges the cylinder, and consequently makes power.