Guess What I Get To Do?

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I just thought that I would tell everyone today that I will be leaving at midnight or so mountain time (2am EST, 1am CST) to return home after a weekend road trip to Cheyanne, Wyoming. Took the sol with my friend Marc to go visit home and pick up a roommate. Too bad the roommate had an emergency and couldn't make it to meet us.

We'll be driving thru, so if anyone gets bored late tonight and wants to say whats up, or if someone is right off I-80 somewhere between Wyoming and Chicago and wants to quick meet up at like Dennys for a quick bite, give me a call, 517-881-8855. I can call ya back so you don't have long distance bills too bad.

Oh yeah, one other thing. Spotted some funny hickerbilly rice out here, will post pics once I download the digital pics to my computer.

I just got back to Michigan this hour. Wyoming to Michigan is such a long drive. Nebraska and Iowa should not be nearly as wide as they are. They could have made like 3 states for each one!
Originally posted by MaaseyRacer@Jan 27 2003, 02:09 AM
wrong part of I-80 for me. Have a safe trip though...

Same heh.

I-80 Cuts right through VV but I'm about 900 miles past your destination :/