h22 grating 3rd slightly

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i hav a del sol with a h22 when i move the shifter to the left it does not center itself but wen i move it to the right it centers itself as it should and wen changing from 2nd - 3rd it grats if i power shift but if i granny shift it does not grate.. any help wud b appriciated thx..
im thinking it has to do sumthing with the little box on top the gear box where it returns the shifter to the center?? help please i race and cannot granny shift..
There should be two springs on the actual shift lever that return the lever to the center. Each spring provides resistance in one direction. I would make sure that both springs are in place.
cabosse h22 uses link cables and there are no to springs on the leaver there is a box on top the tranny where the cables go that centers the shifter but i jus dont wanna open the box and things jus start to fly out anyone eva had any experience with this..thx tho..
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The grating is probably the dog teeth worn on the blocker ring of the syncro assembly.