H22 Head on F22 Motor

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What exactly is difficult about putting an h22 head & intake manifold on the f22b1 bottom end. I compared the head gasket part #'s and both the h22 and f22b1 had the same part #. What else is different? I currently have a h22 tranny on my f22b1 engine so I know I won't need to change axle's just the head, intake manifold, and ecu, and a couple of wires. Im I correct or am I missing something?
the head won't just botl on. there is machining that needs to be done, and head stud positions moved.
Yeah, what he said. :) I'm also not sure what you need in the way of a timing belt, crank pulley, etc.

If you want specifics, check out http://www.pfispeed.com

They're a shop in Ft. Collins, Colorado, and they've put an H22 head onto an F23 bottom end. I don't think they're any info on their website, but feel free to give them a call if you're getting serious and want some info.