H22 Wiring Harness Cut ? What Do I Do

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Hey guys the harness that I got with my H22A is cut , seems like where to would go to the computer (ecu) because the harness that connects to the engine and all the other harnesses and sensors are fine.

My?? is can I still use that cut harness, or should I just get a new one, it is only cut a two places from looking at . Or is there a company that rebuilds them and puts the right connectors back on. May be a stupid ??? but I dont know that is why I ask. thanks
for any help.
Swaps almost always come with a cut harness at the firewall. I'm not too knowledgeable on H22 into Civic swaps, but when I dumped the H22 into my Accord, I just plugged right in to my Accord harness and made some minor changes to the wiring.
hasport.com makes a harness to work with an H22 in a civic... the site says they require a "core"
contact them for more info