H22a Getting It Turbocharged

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Hey guys , I know all turbos are different, but I was thinking about turbocharging my H22A,
and since the compression is already 10:1 I was wondering , would around 6-9 psi be too much for
a daily driver, or will that jack the compression up to high, and possibly kill my engine, please advise

Thanks guys&gals
If you tune your motor correctly you could use 8 lbs of boost from a decent size turbo. I would recommend a t3/t04e. I would definately recommend hondata or a similar EMS.
tuning up your motor to handle turbo modifications is a must if you want some good power, but if your just going good enough for a daily driver, I would go with Trust or HKS. but still i would build it up to at least mid built. throw in about 6 to 8 lbs. a hondata ecu will help you too. runing on stock internals is a risk, but it'll handle, at least not for long.