H22a into 92-95 hatch

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Tell me about this swap...

Ease of install? (i've done b16a into crx si)
Keep b16a in crx or go with h22a into 5g hatch?
anyone done this and can give some advice?

done it ..no. I'm in the process. That being said..

Ease of install. Dont know yet. But next honda tuner (Feburary/March 2003) is going to show how to do the swap. And there is a magazine that did it this month called Import Tuner, dont know if you get it. But its not hard from what ive been seeing and researching. With the hasport mounts you will have to remove the stock hatch tranny mount. With the other mounts you dont have to do that.

Pro's there is a gazillion..lol. Torque, hp, bragging rights?? lol

Cons..not much, people will bitch about the weight blahblahblah but its not a big deal. Axles breaking, those tend to be on the fault of the old mounts. The first mounts that came out hasports first gen...the mounts didnt mount the engine correctly and it made people break their axles. I recommend getting the new hasports.. thats what i got...

Keep b16 rex or go h22 hatch??? Ive ridden in both IMO the h22 is better. I love crx's so its hard for me to say that...AND i think a lot depends on how much you have to spend...

Axles. If you use the hasport mounts you can use 90 accord intermediate shaft and 90-93 axles..

Wiring.. it depends on what type of hatch you get. It doesnt seem like a wiring nightmare. YOU NEED THE RESISTOR PACK..

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thanks for the info, what do you mean by "resistor pack?"
and thats 90-93 accord axles right?
woops.. sorry.. no its 90 up Accord Intermediate shaft with 90-93 Integra axles.

and the resistor pack is for your fuel injectors.. majority of the swaps dont come with it.. so be sure you get it.. w/o it you can fry your ecu
but i thought i have a resistor pack? if it's mpfi right?
Originally posted by one zexy crx@Dec 31 2002, 12:12 PM
but i thought i have a resistor pack? if it's mpfi right?

huh??? are you tring to say you thought you only needed a resistor pack if its mpfi?..if so... it doesnt matter. You need a resistor pack sorry, all preludes 92+ use resistor packs, when i say your gonna need one, i mean that when you buy a swap. The swap usually doesnt come with the resistor pack. And you need to get one.

side note: it takes me two years to answer questions cuz i dont have a internet connection at home..i moved and i wont have one in a few days..sorry for taking so damn long!! :( it sux
have to? no.
would it make it easier? yes.

if you dont. you have to do some trimming to your rad fan or something like that..i havent really looked into it cuz im just buying a slim fan. i dont wanna do any ghetto crap. :)