Hacking... MADE LEGAL???

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that made absolutely no fucking sense to me whatsoever, but HEY! Avatars are BACK!! :D

how come in the first paragraph he says you may do less than $50 damage, then in the same paragraph, he says it must be proven that more than $250 worth of damage was done?

sounds to me like whoever wrote that didnt really understand WTF the bill is about.

Brian, i like your new avatar! :)
thanks :)

i don't know what its about-- but fact is, its being lobbied right now! lol
chances are with all the hippocritical beaurocrats there are in office, it will probably pass..and then get repealed 3 years later cause thats how long it takes for them to realize and admit they made a mistake :puke:
So if you can't cause more than $50 of damage in a hack, can you claim that a huge government $923409 million damage hack is really 9834590720 individual hacks all put together?
Sounds like it's being done to please RIAA and the other copyright holders. They allow hacking on P2P networks? A ddos attack against anyone with a certain music file on their computer? It could be done very easilly with all the spyware that has been distributed lately and would prove to be a good deterant against using p2p

Then again, odd's are it's just BS (where is the bs emoticon?)
Actually it's already being done - thery just don't admit it. I have a copy of a cease and desist order from universal studios. I had to track how they found out.