head light conversion

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Has anyone ever converted their headlights to the bumper?? I know your thinking "this wont give you hp gain", but at night the flip up headlights stand out and i was wondering if anyone has done this. any info would be nice. I switched my foglights and blinkers on the bumper... i have a 90 2.0 SI. THanx
so you want to go flat- lights... hrm... i wonder what JDM land had for that gen lude... maybe a jdm conversion front end is in your future...

ohh, ad moving to misc tech/chassis

this is legit- its not asing about putting altezzas in your r34 bumper with z3 fender clearnance :p
You might be able to do something similar to what a lot of the older Miata and RX-7 owners had- convert the flip-up pod to a fixed headlight. If you want to move it to the bumper, you might be able to just get a set of lights from a CRX or something and mold them in... they're pretty flat.

One thing to be aware of is your minimum headlight height from the pavement. A lot of states have a minimum 22 inch headlight height law.
Yeah. the law is 22 inches out here. im not gonna just disconnect my headlights, im gonna leave them for incase a cop tries to pull my over and then just be able to turn them on. Any other suggestions about what type of flat headlight may work?
Ah- good idea. Well, if you're going to keep them, you could get a set of wide beam projector driving lamps and mold those into your bumper as headlights.. but it may not be too legal. I would suggest trying to remove your flip-ups and fabricating a clear housing to cover up the hole... then getting some projector units from an Audi or something to drop in and use for low and high beams. This way you still have your headlights at the legal height, you'll have minimal changes to your bodywork, and you'll have a much different look than most Preludes of your generation.

Search for some HID conversions on the web. There's tons of information there on people who have custom made their own headlights with parts from other cars.
ok so i did the conversion and it came out good. I still have to finish it off because i have the rough cut edges around the lights... ill post pics soon. Thanx for everyones help.