Headlight Bulbs....what's The Best?

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Does anyone have any recomendations on what fake H.I.D.'s look the best?? Or even crap brand white lights. Anything would be nice. Are the PIAA Xtreme White lights any good? Talk amongst yourselves.


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just dont loook at crappy bulbs like the ones I got, real crappy matrix hyper whites. On my del sol, my exilerlights are brighter than my headlights now. Talk to gabe (rixxxboy) he bought some silvianna (sp?) and he said they worked pretty good, just as good as OEM.


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I've gone through a ton of PIAA bulbs (lots of night driving), and they're the best wannabe HID bulbs I've used. I've tried Naxos, Hiper, Cuzo, and a few others... PIAA is still the best. Sylvania is good too- they're an OEM supplier and make quality stuff.


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I've got Nokya artic-whites, they're not bad, but no PIAA. That's what I'd go with.
I had GE super-white before, and they were really good. I just didn't like the yellow tint to them.


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some cheap ass ebay white lights for 5 bucks have lasted over a year and a half not to shabby i suppose


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Originally posted by DazedCivic99@Feb 7 2003, 08:55 PM
some cheap ass ebay white lights for 5 bucks have lasted over a year and a half not to shabby i suppose

my crappy ebay lights just wont burn out. They suck at night, dont even give off the best color, oh and did i mention they won't burn out. Urrg. I should just go and put my oily, greasy hands on them and make sure they they burn out in a week.
this guy i knew who owned an import performance shop swore by the PIAA's, and he sold other more expensive bulbs too. I have the sylvania cool blues (about $15.00 each) and am surprised how well they perform. I've gone through tons of cheap $20-$30 "super-whites" and the sylvania's are the only ones that were actually as bright as OEM, but whiter. I plan on trying PIAAs in the future.