VA - 1993 Honda Civic EG Hatch - JDM B16 SiR-II Full Swap - with A/C!

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Name: Michael J. Clark
Location: Hampton Roads
Means of contact: PM
Price: $3, 500


My first car, first Honda, first EG, first motor swap — a.k.a my first love — is finally ready to leave me. Oh, the joys and stories I have had in the Honda world with this baby!

In the interest of full disclosure, I am beginning the next chapter in my life, which is the reason I am selling the car. This has been, and is still, an incredibly strong, clean, and reliable swap and car. I do not need two cars, however, and this car is too nice and too strong to be sitting around doing nothing.

Being a full disclosure kind of guy, I have listed and added pictures of the car from a glass half full perspective and a glass half empty perspective.

Glass half full:

• Clean Swap (JDM B16- SiR-II - got it from H Motors Online)
• Runs incredibly strong
• Has A/C! (What? in a B-Swap! — yep!)
• New Radiator (and cap)
• New bushings on passenger side
• Recently Aligned
• SI Rims
• Brand New Tires on Back
• Fairly New Tires on Front
• AEM Short RAM Intake
• DC Sport Header
• 2.5-inch pipe (with CAT) running to a super charger muffler (meaning no Rice!)
• Tinted Windows
• All-in-all interior is in good condition
• Rockford Fosgate Door Speakers (5.25 in, I think?)
• Oil change every 3k-4k miles (Mobile 1 5w30 Full Synthetic w/ Premium Filter)
• Only ran Premium Gas from Shell or Sunoco
• Brand New Head Lights (with Sylvania SilverStar Ultra Bulbs)
• Smoked Side Lights
• Stock Cluster with Tachometer
• Beaded Seat Covers (Who does not like these? Let’s be honest)

Glass half empty:

• Tach: 320,694 (Body has closer to 350,000)
• Exhaust pipe has detached from muffler (the pipe still runs into the muffler, it just rattles)
• The paint is peeling on both sides of the car (driver side door has a small crack too)
• If you look closely at the hood and the roof there are a few dents
• Hatch hydraulics are detached from window (meaning the hatch does not hold itself up)
• Hatch window tint has a scratch
• Driver’s side seat has a tear and Glove Box Handle is broke
• Took carbon fiber spoiler off and put the stock spoiler back on


Glass Half Full:

Full View of the Car -

Engine Bay / Swap -

Dash -

Back Seat -

Front Seats -

Glass Half Empty:

Seat Rip -

Passenger Side Paint -

Driver Side Paint -

Missing Hatch Grommet -

Thanks for checking it out!

Nice advertisement. The car looks to be in pretty decent shape for its age! Good luck with the sale
Thanks, Matt! I am almost saddened to let her go. She pulls so incredibly hard, and I still feel warm and fuzzy when I hit VTEC after all of the years :wub:
My first love and I have parted ways. Sold! Please, close the thread.
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