help 1997 acura integra won't stay running!!!

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hello to everyone and anyone that can help me. i have a 1997 acura integra rs with a b18b1, factory internals, exhaust, intake.... the basics. recently, this little car of mine decided to get a mean misfire when i went to take off at from a stop. didn't matter if it was a hard takeoff or a normal one. it would stumble, then continue like normal. i thought it was time for a tune up. i went with an oem cap, rotor, iridium plugs and ngk wires. that didn't help. so i replaced the distributor, nope. i replaced the fuel filter, uh-uh... i checked the timing, the fuel pump is working, don't have a gauge to check the pressure, i changed the trottle body, and still no dice. idle air control valve did nothing. all my car does now is start up, run for a few minutes, rev up like normal, then start to stumble and miss until it shuts off, it starts back up after a few minutes, but does the same thing again. i am in the process of checking the ground connections... and i'm running out of patience. the car is a 5 speed manual with 146,00 miles on it. (checked the crank sensor, in case you were wondering, the map sensor also) other than a fuel pump, what else could it be??? please, any info will be greatly appreciated. thank you and have a great day.:(
well sounds like your getting to much fuel or not enough
i ran into this problem once... make sure your spark plug wires are in the correct sequence; they don't go directly from 1-4, they have to be in this order: 1-3-4-2. Pistons 1 and 4 fire simultaneously, likewise with pistons 2 and 3. I'm not a Honda motor expert (yet) but I hope I could help
Nice car. Like mine, down to the mileage. Except mine's a slushbox and recently received a botched face lift by a barricade.