Help b16a2 swap. Long description. For experienced honda people only.

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I have a 95 civic dx with a d15b7. I bought a "full" swap from a guy that buys and parts out salvaged titled hondas. He is actually the brother of the guy that runs import alliance.
For 1,500 I got an obd1 B16a2 with gsr trans, axles, half shaft, motor mounts, chipped and tuned ecu, and aftermarket header. He said it has around 100k miles on it. Was that a good deal? The motor looks spotless though. This will be my first swap.

I made a video and SO many mental notes on where every nut, bolt, sensor, and hose went on the d15, that I could almost take it out of the car and put it back in blindfolded.

After much research and asking questions, I found that if at all possible, you want to get a motor of the same obd as your car. Which I did.
Everyone on the forums and the guy I bought it from said "its obd1, it'll drop right in." and "everything plugs right in'.

As soon as I got to his garage, needless to say, shit was totally different. There's 2 sensors that I can't for the life of me find where they go. I looked for an hour where they go. 1 has a solid brass point on it that threads into something and has a plug on it and the other is connected to the intake manifold by a small hose and looks similar to the little mushroom top sensor on the d series. Both are connected to each other. I asked the guy and I can't remember correctly but I think he said it's a trans temp sensor or something? I sent him a pic and he said "yeah that can just chill tucked away in the back of the intake mani."
It has a plug and threads. How can it just do nothing?!

I put the motor in already with all the mounts. Both harnesses plugged in, all grounds in, heater hoses in, brake booster hose in, fuel line in, fuel pressure regulator in, shift rod/linkage in, slave cyl in.

Finally to my questions. If you've hung in her with me all this time, I'd like to say thank you very much!
1: Where and what the hell do those "useless" sensors go?
2: The stock d series catback is still on, the B linkage and rod appear to interfear with the exhaust. Will a proper b series exhaust eliminate that?
3: The 2 small heater hoses that come off the firewall and go to the motor, which one goes where? Because they will both go either way. I don't wanna fuck anything up.
4: I used the d series slave cylinder on the b series. It mounted on the the tranny and I pressed the pedal. It seems to be working. The only problem is the bracket that supports the line from the d series slave cyl wont meet up with the b tranny. Is it ok to leave it like that?
5: The d series throttle cable seems like it won't even reach the b throttle body much less the mount spot bracket on the intake manifold. So I guess I have to hook up the b series throttle cable?
6: After the 1 hour drive all the way to Nashville to his garage, he said I would need to wire 3 things. I can't remember what. If I am using the obd 1 b16a2 ecu and my car is obd1, why do I need to wire? :mad: And what do I need to wire exactly? And how do I go about doing that?
7: The b series radiator hoses are so big compared to the d15 radiator. I have the adjustable type clamps on the upper and lower rad hose but it just doesn't seem right. Will it leak?
8: Lastly, after much research, I have concluded that the B16A2 came in obd 1 only for one type of market. JDM. So does that mean I have a legit jdm B16A2 with 170hp instead of the 160 that the usdm has? :D
If anyone can add to something I forgot to mention, please let me know.
P.S. I have no idea what the chip and tune did/does for the motor and ecu. Guess I have to take it to a tuner....?
Where at in middle TN are you? just wondering i live in nashville. and those heater hoses if your facing the firewall from the front of the car the left hose with the valve goes on the side of the block under the dizzy and the right one goes on the back side of the thermostat.. if you need help im here in nashville, im doing ths same swap from that SAME guy you mentions was prolly the worst possible place to ever buy stuff i have all kinds of mix matched pieces from him:(
did you ever get this swap figured out? if not let me know, I can advise