Help......d16z6 Complete Swap

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A buddy of mine has a complete swap from a '94 Civic Si HB. D16Z6. he has it all, engine, tranny, ecu, axels, extra wiring harness, motor mounts, you name it, it's there. The engine is in excellent running condition :worthy: and has new valve seals w/ about 78,000 miles. I was wondering if you could tell me what this is worth? Honestly, is $900 too much for me to pay for it?....all your input would be greatly appreciated...thanks..ID
Just buy it. Its a friend so you should have a fair idea of the engines condition and its local so that will save you a ton of shipping. And after you help him with his swap he can help you with yours, what fun.
No..don't buy it...for a few more couple hundred bucks you could get a b16A motor...dont pay that much..if you ever decide to sell it, you would lose out on like 400-500$....Dont cut yourself short..look around people sell these motors all the time...Go buy a wrecked or theft recovery hb at an auction..You can pick them up for cheap..sell the shell and keep the motor and ECU....Or look around a lil more in your area...What area are you from?....Theres plenty on import websites and I am sure someone near you has a D16Z6 they are selling...I am sure you could use that extra 400$ somewhere else on your car or for something else....good luck deciding man
d16z6....450-500 man.....crazy prices....up here in minnesota....a complete swap, with everything....under 70,000 most least...150....everything is carzy people and pricres!
we just happen to have a standard of living here :)