Help failed smog because of HC (ppm).

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1992 Toyota camry V6 Mileage: 279,000 km
Failed hc ppm test (reading: 93; limit: 58) first time, everything else passed. Got back home, searched google and read through many forums for clues and solutions. Implemented the following:
- Oil changed, this time used 10w30 instead of 5w30
- Got spark plugs checked, they were good
- Got EGR passages cleaned
- Engine air filter and it's assembly cleaned
-Got it checked for exhaust leaks, vacuum leaks, all good here
- Put Penzoil's emission pass guaranty treatment in the gas tank and motomaster's complete fuel system cleaner and ran through a complete tank
- put "engine Restore" with the engine oil
- Drove hard for about 45 mins just before the emission retest
- hooked up problem codes reader, all clear
- Prayed for it to pass (seriously)

HC ppm reading: 58 ; limit: 58

I was gonna try isopropyl alcohol/ rubbing alcohol but fortunately it passed but it sounds like a good idea; some say it burns cleaner and hotter and promotes more complete combustion.
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