Help! I Got My Hands On A Rhd Crx

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Hows it going all, I just purchased a shell of a89' RHD CRX EF6. It came with no motor but it had a D15b engine in it with automatic transmision. I need to but the stock USDM motor D16A6 in, in order to get it registered and want to change it to a 5-speed trany. I want to know what ill need to do the complete swap. I have never done a swap so im not to sure how hard its going to be. So could anyone give me some info on what i need to do and what has to be done like the wiring etc. Anything would help I mean any thx alot. I will try and post pictures if I can figure out how.
If you do a search on here, I beleive a couple people have done an auto to manual swap, PM them, and they will give you the list of parts you need. Where are you located?
Im located in Pasadena, California

Would I be able to put in a D16A6 since it came with a D15B? or do I have to mess with the wiring
Oh, man...CA sux for this kinda stuff! Go to a junkyard and find a D16A6, you can find it very cheap...if you want to just pass inspections, find an auto D16A6 and put it in there, then convert after its registered.