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I'm doing a ZC into a 90 DX I need the 88-89 Integra ECU. What is the code for that!!! I get PG6 from the refernence but the junk yard are giving me a PG7. Is the a difference. What is the proper Number. I'm in canada, will that make a difference? Urgent help is needed!!
I've got a PG7 from 89 Integra 5 Speed manual with my ZC in 91 CRX. The ECU performs great. You could also use a PM6, which comes out of 88-91 CRX SI. I would recommend PG7 or even better PM7 which is actually used originally with the ZC motor. PM7 ECU's are costly and hard to find. You should be able to get a PG7 for around $100 to $150. Go to, they might have what you're looking for.