Help with O2 sensor

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God damnit! My ZC has been throwing code 1 since I put it in (it has ground cams and headwork). Well it was running a bosch sensor from my d15 and I knew that was a problem, but I thought when I replaced it with an OEM it would be alright. Well yesterday I pulled one from an 88 lude and I reset the ECU, then I let the bitch idle for at least 30 mins (the check engine light usually comes on after about 7-10, once the car warms up) and I got no light. Well today driving to school on the freeway after about 10 mins of having the car on (I got gas, too) I got that goddamn light again. My bosch sensor was very dirty, and since the thing is running so rich I figure fuel deposits are making the sensor too dirty, but I'm not sure. What can I do?! I am considering relocating the sensor to AFTER the cat, but not sure if that'd help. Sorry for the book, but I'm fuckin pissed about this shit..

cliffs: got code 1, replaced o2 sensor with denso, still got check engine light, wtf?
that sucks. did you get the cable replaced? how did that work out? maybe the 02 sensor will always throw a code with your particular mods?? just an idea.
i still didnt replace the cable because the only integra in the junkyard was in a fire and the cables/hoses/other plastic or rubber shit was fucked. the thing about the o2 is that i cant drive around that way, the ecu is in open loop mode and runs extra rich and not on a learning fuel map. i think i am either going to have to build a simulator or reposition the o2 to outside of the exhaust path..shit..
You can put the O2 sensor after the cat! Being that the sensor you picked up had been in a fire you think it is messed up also? O2 sensors arent that expensive new. Try a new on and if it doesnt work just take it back and say you got the wrong one.
oh i actually picked it up off of an 88 prelude. i just meant i couldn't get the throttle cable off of the integ because it was in a fire-i didn't pick anything out of that car. the thing is i was running a 1 month old bosch sensor before it crapped out. it was like covered in soot-y lookin stuff. i put back on an oem one from the junk..but fuck i can't spend $70 on that shit..

my dx engine ran VERY lean, so i know the bosch was fouled up from the new engine..remember it has ground cams so it runs VERY rich..
the bosch sensor in that link is only $30 something. thats what credit cards are for :)
ah i'm not gonna try my luck with bosch sensors again. it was fine for the stock engine, but as soon as i put that one on (mind you it was only about 1 month old - that's 1k miles where they are rated to 100k) and it has already crapped out. i think i am going to have to go the route of simulator, if i can learn how to build it.
The soot you had on the sensor WAS because you ground the cams! You WERE running rich because of this and the soot was unburnt fuel collecting on the sensor. Any sensor you put in there is going to collect this soot! Sounds like you need a V-AFC or a S-AFC(non-vtec) and a good dyno run with a A/F ratio guage. This way you can lean out where you are running rich. Honda motors come from the factory running rich! So now you are robbing yourself of HP running as rich as you probably are.
I was thinking about picking up an S-AFC, the only problem is I KNOW I am running in open loop with the o2 sensor bad, so it adjusting the settings through the map sensor won't even matter, right? If the ECU is stuck in open loop it isn't even considering the inputs from any of the sensors yet except the TPS, right? That's why I always get the check engine, i thought..