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I need help! Right now I'm in high school, and I have a 91 Honda Accord LX 5-speed. My problem is there's this guy that wants to compete with me because he has a 91 Honda Accord also, except his is an EX, automatic, sports transmission. Not much done, we set up a race to go at it this saturday, I looked at his car yesterday and it was nothing big so I wasn't worried about shit. But last night he and his friends actually took his engine out and borred it to 2.3 and port and polished it. Now I dont know what to do, I CANT FUCKIN LOSE!!!! I only have about 100 dollars and I need to know what the best thing I could do to my car by Saturday would be. What should I do??? Any opinions???
So you're saying I can't do a DAMNED thing?! Well what about new spark plugs?! JK. Okay, well then I'm just fucked.
well you can hope that him and his friends did a shotty job on the engine and that it wont run right.... or you can rent a faster car.... just a thought :blink:
There's no difference in engines in 4th gens. They've all got the F22A's. Like shuturmowth said, hopefully they fuxored something up in doing all the work...are you sure they did it and aren't just trying to intimidate you? That's an awful lot of work to do in one night.

You've also got the fact that you're a 5-speed and he's an auto. Pray for a good launch and quick shifts.
you could go to a hobby store that sells RC car stuff and get a gallon of nitromethane (highest percentage you can get)... put that in your car... there is a very good chance that this will destroy your engine but for the time that it is actually running your car will have around 300hp :) then it will start to eat itself alive.... :D
other than that make sure you have a recent oil change and your air filter is clean, if your running the stock air box take the resonator off... lower your air pressure in your front tires raise the rear pressure, and practice your launching/shifting untill sat.... i highly doubt he bored/PnP'd his engine at home in a night... sounds like bullshit to me.... at any rate he has an auto ... if your a good driver you should win
i say go and borrow a friends car, and race witih that. Well better yet, i'll sell you a complete motor swap for your car that will make you win in almost any race!!! Enjoy the race!
how about if he really did the swap u call the whole race off.. if you feel like your at a disadvantage cuz of the swap just give them the big middle finger..and say that when you accepted the race it was with that motor and not with a swap
Thanks, I can shift pretty good, not to be conceited or anything, but my car is starting to grind shifting into second and third, new tranny maybe? Well whatever it is, it is slowing my shifting down. Also, ALLJDM, I'd love to talk to you more about getting an H22 swap for my car, I've been seriously thinking about all that, but I dont really have all around that much money, ya know. My friend, however, told me about you he said you sold him some rims for like 500 shipped. So I checked out your website and all, but yeah I'd like to talk to ya bout selling me an engine swap.
dony worry man you'll take him if you can drive at a cheap intake real quick, they sell them every where now. maybe even walmart ha ha.
Originally posted by vtecsir1@Dec 19 2002, 12:37 AM
...they sell them every where now. maybe even walmart...

yeah, right next to the plastic chrome hubcaps.
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Dec 19 2002, 01:26 AM
you need NAWS, 2 bg bottles, and you need it by sat night

LOL and make sure you're floor panel screws are tight!

well, with 100 bucks you can pay someone to steal his car :ph34r:
well you could cut his radiator hose or even drain that oil haha that would be dick but oh well its not your car
if you got 17s or 18s on it you can put your stocks back on for the race and make sure your clutch is cold before you race other than that practice driving and figure out where you need to drop you only want it to speen for a second maybe he can't drive9pray he misses a gear
Take out your airbox completely and just rubberband a rag around the intake tube.Bounce the needle off your tach every gear,and laugh because if he and his friends did somehow manage to pull an engine bore it out ,P&P,and then put it back in,in a night,there is no way that it is going to perform right.I mean it could but it would be shear luck.