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Ok, tonight I was playin around in my car, I just had a JDM H22 and SI tranny put in it, and when I was going through the gears on the freeway they felt mushy. It feels like there is a rubber gasket between the stick and the actual gear that squishs when I force the car into gear. It did it with the vtec tranny as well before I yanked it. I've also noticed if I'm down shifting from second to first when coming to a stop, if I'm still going a little fast for the gear it won't engage the gear. The stick will be all the way up into first but the actual gear will not engage til I slow down enough for it to easily slide in. NE Ideas? TIA J
OK, well I guess it's a problem that is occurring more and more on the 4th Gen Ludes. The proble is due to the outer casing of one of the shift cables fraying. The part from honda is $337.00 alone and it is a 1.9 hour job. Late, J
I understand that now. Notice the reply, it says cables. Thanks for the info though.