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I just got a 94 eg hatch with a b20b engine gsr transmission with a 6 puck clutch.

So the first gear on the seems to fight a bit not like its grinding but sounds more like the stick is rubbing on the base of the car or something rather. and when its in neutral and i shake the stick sounds like my linkage is bouncing around would that cause the first gear problem ? only every once in a while the weird sounds happens and its not only while driving.. Can be fully parked cars off and it does it at a light stop sign and i talked to the person i bought it from and he said that i need to start going 2 to neutral witch i am and seems not to do it as much.
the noise that is.

but with the noise it makes when i shake the stick back and fourth is that anything to worry. sounds like its hitting the motor or something rather. and thanks.


Buck Futter
Sounds like you've got a problem with your shift linkage, have you got under the car to make sure that everything is properly attached?


New Member
Check the pin between the linkage and tranny. You should have a c clip over it and a pin that's a PAIN to get out under the c clip. If you have a bolt there instead you get a lot of slop when you move the shifter left to right and sometimes enough to make it impossible to shift.
Also check your mounts, you could have torn rubber or a mount bolt loose or missing.