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eg6sir said:
you never stop with that do you

no he doesnt. he posted that on my thread:lol: welcome pinky! nice rex.I'm Abel. I love how you painted the front bumper. I own 2 crx's of my own and love them. looking forward to seeing you and your engine bay pics.

<------------------- me and my new wife Nicole
whats shakin?? Nice car, but those tires.. what profile are those things??

im sure the bitches are jealous of your car because of the color... i know too many girls who want a pink car..
here are the remainder of the pics from the shoot! tires are 45 series i believe.












i like the last pic. you can barely see the motor. Also you might want to fix the passenger side of the bumper. Its not on the guide under the corner light. Over all great pics.very nice paint job and clean.
DAMN girl, you're killin it out there!!

nice car. clean, classy...i like your style

welcome, i'm pretty new here too. still trying to get to know everyone here. but, for real...dope car ;)
very clean. man, im a sucker for girls in pink, well more specifically pink underwear and especially those booty shorts oooooo WEE! lol

all seriousness, nice car, way to keep it clean and not ruin it with an over the top body kit. Thats what i like the most, the fact that its still a stock looking clean ass crx. mucho thumbs up....o
thanks for the compliments on my ride. the pink paint was something i just couldn't resist, even though i was always determined to have a clean car. poor pinkster gets under-estimated all the time tho, haha. next summer should be a lot of fun though, as i'm planning on hauling out the motor and doing some work over the winter. i'll be sure to post all about it with progress pics when the time comes.
as for what the driver looks like.... i suppose i could post a pic... let me find a decent one first, haha.
tattoo on my arm is actually tattoo #7, lol.
its my name, Karina. its an ambigram... says the same thing upside down.