Hf Brakes?

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Aight i went to AutoZone to get front and rear brakes for my CRX HF, well they didnt have a CRX HF in their lineup for 89, they just had DX and SI, well he told me that the SI brakes are the same... but they really werent... so i went to my friends house spend bout an hour cleaning the calipers... and i try n fit the brakes on and they werent the right size... so can anyone tell me what car i ask for , for the front pads and the rear shoes... i dont know if i should try the DX brakes either... (and i cant take the brakes off cuz thats the car im driving to auto zone)
well thanks for your help

You just need to go to a new parts store. I have the same exact car and i never had any problems buying brakes.