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I sawa a honda insight drive past today, and I thought of something that I hadn't before. I live in Michigan, the land of snow, ice, road salt, (and construction). I was wondering if that Insight could drive through the winter because of those rear wheel covers/really low fenders (lol, don't know the correct name) Wouldn't they fill with road sludge like my normal fender wells do? Or are these removable somehow? Did I happen to spot a poor sap who spent good money on an electric/gas hybrid they can only drive 8 months of the year?
uhhh why not? snow doesn't collect on the side dude... and even if it does- is only snow! it will friction-off as your drive
They come off- they're there to help the .25 drag coefficient. The Insight was designed to be an economical car, not an all-weather beater.
Thanks Calesta for the info. Like I said, I just had a random thought. And B I have had snow build up bad enough in fenderwells to prevent me from turning and move; mind you it was in a snow storm, but what is to say that a Honda Insight will never get caught out in a snow storm?
Sure thing. If you have snow buildup in the fenderwells bad enough that you can't turn- that's your front wheels and not the rears.... and most cars around you will be experiencing the exact same thing. Just get out and bump the snow out so you can drive a little farther.

In i think it was Car and Driver, they had an insight for a long term test car and they were in the midwest also. They said that snow would get flung (is that the past tense of fling?) up into the little wheel wells so they took them off. They said that the car looked naked without them and the little brackets stuck out, but it solved their problems.
I live in the Lansing area. Who else is here in Lansing right now? Pills I know, but who else?
Originally posted by asmallsol@Oct 28 2002, 04:16 PM
They said that snow would get flung (is that the past tense of fling?)

Yup. Ever seen the first that show the monkey and say "Who flung poo?" :D
Bah, Insights are cool. Just wait til they figure out the swaps for those li'l Aluminum lightass bastards...

Check out this photochop for how they SHOULD look.

Call me weird, but I love the Insight. I really wouldn't mind owning one, considering how much I drive.
i think that honda should introduce the insight in two versions, hybrid and crx edition. If honda put a b-seris (skip the shitty i-vtec) honda would gain alot of the sport compact crowd back. Shit the new si is not doing anything and even if they brought the type r over here no one is going to buy it because it is the ugly cousin of the odyssey.
Originally posted by asmallsol@Oct 29 2002, 08:11 PM
that looks pimp, a mix between the crx, mx3? and maybe even a porsche 944

Thats exactly what I thought too....But if they looked like that, I would own one!
man it was said before, but that is TOTALLY the 3rd gen rex!!!!! beautiful
I still love the way it looks...

If you guys check out my Import Expo 3 picture thread (search for "Import Expo 3"), there's a pimped out Insight in there.