Hondaswap chat room

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Super Moderator
right now seems like a good time 11:00 pm
We don't have a chat room do we?
Need to get Conference room by Webmaster
its a java and irc applet.. we use to run it on a server at our old isp we sold out to duro com and they closed the link pissed me off but oh well... i still got the code for that biatch :D
well an ok turnout, I think we had a max of 4 users at one time, woo hoo now were cooking

but seriously folks we need to get more people in there more often.
just go to the front page and click the thing that says AIM chat
just figured out how to setup my AIM :) just checked the chat room and ended up talkin to myself lol see u guys there sometime hopefully.

we should setup sometimes to hangout in there... i'll be in there around 12:30am est