20 years of HondaSwap

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I still like to pop in from time to time to try and remember all the crap I used to know so long ago. Still have my decal on what could possibly be the only del sol harness bar in existence, and still get the occasional thumbs up in the old eg2
21! we can legally drink as a forum now. Hoping to keep this place running as long as I can. I don't care if it's just a meme drop 90% of the time. the random threads that pop up make it worth it.

who knows, 2025 might drop an epic ride and we're all back in the game!
there will never be another epic honda, lol

just a matter of time until the type r is an electric suv.
well, maybe we can at least talk about ohms and shit... pull 121 gigawatts out of it or something.

Can you bridge an EV to run in mono?