Hondata Code Issues - WTF No Code Limp Home Mode - Help?

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OK, I have a '91 Civic EX 4 dr. with b18c1 & head/cams that evidently is perfect mechanically but sucks because the Hondata S200 is giving a no code steady blinking light and it is in limp home mode.

I changed the 02 sensor and it is grounded to death, what gives?
Any suggestions, thanks in advance?
Please, anybody to help? Any ideas???

I love this car and am going to get this car up to drive and sell my '95. Hate to go to the "local" tuner as they are crazy priced and not all that wonderful.
What I am saying is "no code" which is a steady blinking light. When I called Hondata they said grounding issue or maybe O2 sensor will occ. show this no code status.

I am still trying to figure this out. Car has decent power but prolly not optimal. Besides Inline, are there any other tuners that are worthwhile in DC/Baltimore area?
If the Hondata interface box is flashing and you have a 4000 revlimit then the problem is not an engine code, but a lack of communicaiton between the interface box and the ecu. This could be caused from a damaged interface cable, bad chip or bad soldering. This really needs to be looked at by a Hondata dealer or someone familiar with tuning and troubleshooting Hondata tuned ecus.
Yea, that might be the move. I now can get VTEC though (WTF?) but rough idle. Pretty much power but a little irregular power delivery.

I do not get this. So maybe time for help. Anybody besides Inline in the DC Metro area???