Hondata For A D16z6

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i was looking at hondata and was wondering which hondata chip i should get for my car i have a 1995 del sol si with a d16z6 enging SOHC VTEC with the common bolt ons (cold air intake, header, race cat, 2.5 inch custom exhaust, hyper ground system) a b&m fuel pressure regulator carbon fiber hood and invader front end i was just wondering which hondata chip i should get if i plan to put a turbo on at the beginning of the summer should i get the chip for boost or can i add it later or should i wait to get hondata until i get the turbo and do it all at once
are you planning on tuning it yourself?? or have someone else do it??

s200 with datalogging and boost option yO
would be having someone else tune it and the main thing i needed to know was would having the boost option thing hurt it if i didnt have the turbo on the car for a few months while i had it or can the boost option be purchased later thanks for your partial help so far also now i know which one to get and if i am having someone else tune it would i need the datalogging thing or not?
you want datalogging. you dont need it, but you want it if you have a laptop.
you can get the s200 with boost option now, and just not not enable the boost tables in ROMeditor v3.0 (well.. whoever tunes it.. just tell them not to enable boost tables.)