hot sol

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im digging this front end...

Very nice. And a huge sponsor trailer with RAM memory logos on it.

Dont know, i like the stock front end on a sol better, if you do that to a civic or a USDM teg then that is a diffrent story. If your going to change something on a sol it sould be the back end not the front. s2k tails please
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Dec 20 2002, 03:56 PM
im digging this front end...


If u want a sol that looks like that, get a friggin CR-X!
looks nice and simple, simple looks better in my book, (which my book is just a sheet of old notebook paper the i washed and add notes to daily)
thats up around me (infineon raceway).. and i dont know about that front end.. i hate it and i love it..
i think that front looks good, but makes the back look really fat. it needs a fatass hood scoop to even things out IMO. i like the windshield sticker: got sol?