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ok im planning on swapping a 16 a2 or b18 c1 into a 5th gen civic. how difficult are these two swaps? i am doing it on my own. i have enough money to do just the motor swap with the b18 but if i go with the b16 i will have enough money for an intake, headers, and exaust as well. which do you suggest?
5th gen? Very easy.I would go for the B16,it is light and won't miss the torque that bad.Also your going to want the upgrades to help it breathe better.
i did check out the b16sir2 but i also live in virginia and emissions are kinda tough. if there is a way around the emissions? i would deffinitely rather put in a jdm motor but just didnt think it would be possible for me to pass emissions.
I have heard that if you get a v-tec afc unit from apex-i u can make your
emissions a lot lower by setting v-tec kick in very high and adjustin your fuel mixture a little more lean. It should make u pass with flying colors, and u just got some good engine management adjustability. For about what $325
u cant go wrong.