How fast can I ran with the Cr-vtec in 1991 civic

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I'm in the process of building a Cr-vtec. I'm putting it into a 1991 Honda Civic HB Dx, completely stripped. What are the estimated horsepower and torque gain? What will I be running at the track, estimated time?Was it worth the money? What else would I need to make this car run stronger?
Can't answer that question... too many factors. Every custom engine build is different.


This is answered in there.
you will run a 7.643 @ 186.91 mph

i dont know seriously.. do you suck at driving? what parts are you putting in? elevation?? slicks?? how heavy are the wheels? how much do you weigh?? how heavy is the car stripped?? what pistons/cams/header/exhaust/intake/valves/ECU etc??

too many variables yO. read the faq.
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