How much boost can i feed my B18

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Well i just picked up a new motor for my ride, you'd be surprised how many LS engines are in junkyards, even on the east coast. I'm gonna start building it up and my goal is about 300whp give or take. Here's my theoretical set-up, so what kind of psi do you guys think i'll have to run to reach my goal?

Re-sleeved and bored to 2.0 Litres
Endyn Roller wave Pistons (9.2:1)
Crower Rods
Crower Turbo Cams
Crower Ti Retainers and dual Valve-springs
Port and Polish
Ericks Racing 72-70mm Tapered TB
Skunk 2 Intake Manifold
t3 60-1 turbo kit with all trappings (intercooler, tial 35mm hp, HKS SSQBOV etc.)

I think this might be over-doing it for 300 horses, but what do you guys think?
Nice motor and turbo :)

If you are running a FMU/AFC fuel setup, i wouldnt push it over 9 psi, assuming that its not detonating at that pressure. If you have a better fuel system, push it higher. Get a EGT gauge, and listen for detonation. If everything looks ok, you should be fine.
Well i haven't quite decided what i'm going to use to bring it all together. I'm not one for half-assing it, so i'm thinking either hondata s200 or AEM EMS. Only 9 psi though? I was thinking i could go higher than that? :blink:

Oh, and of course i'll be upgrading the fuel system. 450cc injectors, fuel pump, pressure regulator, rails etc.
I wouldnt go past 9psi on a fmu-type setup....With a hondata I would probably say 18-20 if its tuned properly, maybe even more depending on the capabilities of the fuel system.
450cc injectors are only good to about 300whp. you should be able to make that at about 12-13 psi with that turbo.. I would suggest going with a larger injector so that you are not running high duty cycles. If you get that engine set up like that.. and its built well.. you should easily make 350whp on 93 octane and upwards of 450-500 on race gas.

So you think 550 or 600cc's is more prudent eh? Well this is good news, i thought i would have to run insane amounts of boost on a 2.0L to make 350 or so to the wheels. :D
i am going to run 720's from accel :)

def do at least 550s

15 psi should net you 350 on a t3 60-1

check the for sale section- i have endyn piston,s eagle rods, tial 35hp wastegate for sale for an ls/t :)
a guy i know that is a fuel tuning god ran a full bar on his STOCK B18B , yeah the motor is built nice, get down on your fuel next.
it doesn't really effect your idel if you are turned properly... you just have to lean it out
Looks like a strong and well built motor. Wouldnt' blow it by cutting corners on the fuel system.
Do it right. Make a monster.