how much would this complete swap run for?

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What year hatch?Have you found this swap yet?If you have does it come with everything?
Complete swap w/ installation and taking it to a professional place where they charge you overpriced amount of 90bucks an hour of labor, near $3.5k range. Ive seen the b18b price around 2200 at a go0d descent price. Depends where you take it, unless you and some buddies drop it in over a weekend. Would you be buying it from the company you take it to for installing it or you buying it seperately then taking it somewhere or what?
I got my 2000 b18b complete swap for 1500, with 16, 491 miles on it. I installed it myself, it was very easy.
I got my 1994 b18b complete swap for 1200 deleivered, with 81,xxx miles on it. I plan to install it myself with bill, it should be very easy.

i have a 2000 civic, i just wanted to know how much it would cost..

how much would everything cost if i did the labor myself.? which i want to do.
labor is free if its your back, unless you want to pay your self for some reason.

really, if you get a complete swap incl ecu and all, it will cost you that price, plus some fluids like oil and coolant, a couple pieces of hose.
And don't forget any little things that wind up missing or broken.Give yourself a good ceiling in your budget to work with.Hope for the best expect the worst and you won't be disappointed.
i just droped a b16a2 in my hatch and the hole swap cost me a little over 3 grand.
I got my b16a2 w/tranny axles ecu with rear disc conversion,typeR shift linkage,radiator,stock tower strut bar,etc...for 1900.It really depends on how much you look around,and what's available.Labor 16 hours(screwin' off most ofthe time) by me for free.
Dude, dont pay over 1000 for a B18b. I recently put my B18a in my 1990 CRX, it took me 2 days and roughly 7 hours from take out to fire up. i got it for 1200 canadian which is around 700 USD. i got axels ECU engine and everything. I just had to buy mounts and clutch b4 i dropped it in. the whole swap only costed me 1900 CDN ( 1100 USD). Just shop around alot