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Whats the biggest shot of nos that i can run on a stock b18a with upgraded fuel and ignition system. What setup should i go with wet or dry.
edited by admin cuz the poster was being a fucktard, hahahaha u took off my post, i was waitin till sumone saw my sarcasim....
not to be a smart butt or anything but NOS is a company that produces hardware to inject nitrous oxide into automotive/marine/airplane systems.The correct usage is N20 or nitrous oxide, sorry but i'm here to stop the spread of misinformation so people don't bash you with comments like NAWWWSSS, even though i do lay blame on the Fast and the Furious as they threw that term around very loosely.
Usualy the safest way to determine the amount of N20 to use is to take the total horsepower of your motor in stock trim and and devide it in half then minus 10..Atleast that is what i have been told..But not for sure on that but it seems to work out fine in the end........ :D
yeah but is that total number of HP at the wheels or the flywheel, you best bet in nitrous applications is too be safe. Good fuel controls, good knock sensing controls and expert tuning is the only proper way to ensure that you don't blow your motor.
dude i would spray a 75 dry shot on there all day wet would hit a lot harder though but i like dry more then 75 i would deff upgrade fuel system i sprayed a 55 shot on my d15 for like a year never had one prob and i also pulled off a 14.8 but i won;t be seeing those high ass track numbers anymore hopefully with my new b16