How to waste $50k on a civic

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*99 CIVIC SI*B16 built & Turbo'd/NOS**Full Air Ride**Clean Driver****

Selling my 1999 Civic SI (YES IT IS A TRUE SI AND YES IT DOES HAVE A CLEAN TITTLE) never been stolen or wrecked like everyother civic on craigslist. And Yes it does have only 80k original miles on the orignal SI cluster that is still in it. (to keep things in perspective a stock civic with this low of miles and this clean goes for $8000+ on CL) This is far from stock and has had close to $50,000 invested in it. Its super clean daily driver and its comfortable gets good gas mileage. Also any where I go or driving down the road I get thumbs up and people breakin their necks tryin to check it out. O and girls always trying to get rides in it

Here are some lists of things and every thing in this car is top of the line name brand performance parts
*NO EBAY junk in or on this car.

Under the hood is a Fully built top and bottom B16 can push 500 whp
(Motor alones worth what Im asking) - Tuned down to save on gas, will chirp the 20's in 3rd

-Eagle low compression pistons
-Crower rods
-Skunk2 Cams
-Skunk stage 2 Valve retainers
-Fully adj. Cam gears
-Port polished head
-DC Valve cover
-NX nos intake
-Hondata map
-MSD wires
-JDM polished distributor
-AC Fuel rail
-After market fuel injectors
-AC adj. fuel pressure regulator
-Walboro fuel pump
-AC chrome Oil catch can
-JDM aluminum racing radiator / Slim line racing fan
-AC billet aluminum Booster cap
-NGK plugs
-Custom 3" exhaust all the way back / Split to Dual exhaust
w/ Ractive performance mufflers (Sounds deep and good not like shit)
-Built GSR transmission
-Exeddy Clutch and Aluminum racing fly wheel
-T3 Greddy turbo and blow off, etc - $4000 kit GReddy 11550028 Bolt On Turbo Kits: Automotive
-Nx Nitrous express system w/ custom mount and Chrome NOS bottle filled up w/ 15 psi of nitrous
* NOS switch is disconnected, Never ran Nos through the motor,
but buyer has the option there if you want to connect the switch.

The whole inside has been shaved and painted a 3 tone color scheme, Ice white, Si Blue and silver mist
(All panels have been custom built, Doors are completly shaved no door handles inside or out or switches all have been hidden and tucked)

-Custom mounted chrome NOS bottle
-Custom fiberglass box with Two performance teknique chromed out 12" subs
(better than the Audiobahns in pic) Planet Audio speakers with a nice kenwood mp3 deck.
-Custom racing buckets with 4pt harness
-Original SI cluster – showing the true 80k orig. miles
-Custom gauge pods with auto meter gauges (about $500 worth in gauges alone)

* It is all strapped and set up air ride supension (Air cylinders not cheap shit) And yes it does lay flat out and tucks the Custom made 20's.
Also Doesn’t bounce around rides hella smooth you can go a 100mph easy and it will still handle and drive smooth like butter.

-Fresh Ice white paint job (Everything is Shaved, Blitz Body kit)
-Front is custom fitted with blacked out halo 2000 accord headlights
-Custom cut and molded trunk w/ Aftermarket custom fitted 2001 Si Prelude tail lights
*(Also a custom set of altezza are included so you can choose)
-Relocated gas filler, behind the divers side tail light which flips out to fill w/ locking gas cap
-The whole engine bay is custom tube framed set up
-Frame has all been tucked in an reinforced and strapped and hoods been modded to tuck the 20s in the engine bay
-Rear has all been tubbed and re enforced to tuck the 20s
-Custom fitted 20" Konig rims wrapped w/ brand new Nito tires
-Upgraded full AEM big brake kit

**I just dropped the price from $15000 to $8500 so its literally a steal, Ijust I really need the money but for $8500
Im going to keep the rims the nos and the subs&box or I can include it for $9995
which is still a steal because the custom rims with the brand new tires are $4000

Here look kbb for the car stock without all the money in it is $6250
1999 Honda Civic - Private Party Pricing Report - Kelley Blue Book

I might be open to a trade but make sure your trade value is around $11-16k!!! & really what Im looking for is a big lifted diesel 2000 or newer, 350z , G35 coupe or a chrysler 300c )

Overall this car is a one of a kind and has a ton of money and countless man hours put into it and it really shows. It has won countless
trophies and the nice thing about this car is you can daily drive it and when ya wanna go to a car show you can just drive it there and drop it,
win a trophy and drive it home or you could make money on the side and get sponsored. Either way its a clean looking sick car thats not to flashy
but still gets attention like a Ferrari. So for questions and to see it feel free to call on my cell or text ((((Please dont waste my time and I wont waste yours))

Cell (call or text) 425 679 1533

For airride video please click on my youtube link
YouTube - Tuckin' Custom 20's on 1999 Civic Si* w/ Built B16 w/- Nos/T4 Turbo

For more pics check out my photobucket and ill get more and a video soon.
1999 Civic Show car pictures by zanelarsenw - Photobucket

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Looks like hell. Don't see the point of having performance on air suspension. But I guess it was well done, so whatever makes him happy.
Looks real nice - good luck with the sale. Next time you have $50k burning a hole in your pocket, buy a corvette - resale value is better. :cool:
whats up with the engine bay cage? the motor is safe in a roll over, but the driver dies? lol
whats up with the engine bay cage? the motor is safe in a roll over, but the driver dies? lol
it's so the mAd t1te 20's can tuck son!:rolleyes:
eh, i dont like it because its not my cup of tea, but, the work appears to be done right from what can be seen from those tiny ass pics.

and, for all the shit in there, that price isnt bad. i have seen much shittier cars with shotty workmanship being listed for 20k+ and sometimes in the 40k+ range for a ugly ass old busted civic.

no hating here. i give him props for actually putting an achievable price on there. some ricer with money would love to have that.
its unibody dropped, hence the "cage" in the engine bay. it has a custom made tubular frame under it so it can lay out like it does. ive seen a Cavalier and a Mustang done the same way.

personally i think that Civic is sic as hell...
everybody who says it is a clean build and good show car is spot on. i think it has a lot of quality craftsmanship and was built well. however, i can't justify $50k on a $10k car.
Today on Bad Life Choices, quality craftsmanship and buckets of money can't stop a 10 year old Honda from being a kids' ricer car...
I wonder how hard it would be to modify the front setup to actually make it handle well...
Why the fuck would you do something like this? Talk about looking like the biggest tool, douchebag, or whatever else. 50K on a CIVIC, you must be out of your mind. And what's even worse is turning around and trying to sell it for 8500. I wouldn't give you a penny for it.
I wonder how hard it would be to modify the front setup to actually make it handle well...

What makes you think it doesn't handle well? Because it has air cans? They are linear rate springs like a coil so if it has the correct damper and good sways, it may handle pretty well.

Chances are though it has neither and it rides like shit. I'm just saying though...
I guess that could be true... I'm biased on my punta wagon that was built shittily, and had a broken shock mount up front.