How to waste $50k on a civic

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Chances are though it has neither and it rides like shit. I'm just saying though...

come on man, Cant you read?!

Also Doesn’t bounce around rides hella smooth you can go a 100mph easy and it will still handle and drive smooth like butter.

Smooth like Butter ... EVEN at 100mph /sarcasm
Lol this is the problem with modern performance suspensions in enthusiast communities.

You can measure horsepower pretty easily and it gives you a number that means something in comparison to other numbers.

Suspension however..."it corners like a fuckin go kart dude"..."it rides like butter dude"

That's about it.
I'd buy it, part it out, buy a nice car with the proceeds, then send the shell to its maker with black powder.
its unibody dropped, hence the "cage" in the engine bay. it has a custom made tubular frame under it so it can lay out like it does. ive seen a Cavalier and a Mustang done the same way.

personally i think that Civic is sic as hell...

I like it just because it reminds me of my brother's Bagged and body dropped S10. The Civic is definitely different.
There is still some stuff he wants to do, like cracks in the body work, relocate the air compressors under the bed and what not. Overall I think it looks pretty good.