Hp Question Someone Please Help

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my question is... do any of you know how much HP a stock non-vtec 95 civic hatchback has?

Oh well that link is to a CX.. DX is in there somewhere.

Most powerfull? Anything just about.

You can mount up just about any D, B or H series motor into that car with the right amount of money.

Unmodified... B18c5 (Integra Type-R) or the H22a (Prelude).

But they both will cost you over $5000 for the engine and swap (~$ or so).
Look up the engines in the reference section.

I think the ITR has 195hp stock and the H22a has 190 (usdm) and 200 (jdm).

You can get the engines from H Motors Online or many other places on the internet.

I'm sure someone else will post some other places, or just search the forums.
Works for me...

You can try Flash Options, but they are in Maylasia and shipping would be a horrible deal.

Not to mention because they are international, I just wouldn't want to make big purchases with them. There's not a lot of security there.
yeah but my comp is being gay today and i'm sorry for asking all these questions but i'm very new to this stuff i just got my civic like a month ago and i'm really getting into hooking it up but i know basiclly nothing about it...
do some reading you will find answers to most if not all of your questions
Any B series motor will pretty much just drop right in and bolt down.

The H series requires Mounts.

But yea.. search, there's like 10000 articles on these boards swap related.
that engine might not even be the best for you ... there is much more to it than "whats the best engine?"... that is a question with NO answer ... the best daily driver engine is not the best drag engine, the best drag engine is not the best road course engine..... etc, etc .... you need to figure out what you want out of the car then decide what engine will help you do that best..... READ, READ, READ, that is the best thing you can do to avoid costly mistakes
learn your engine codes. d15y7 b16a2 b18b5

the way i cheat (i've not heard anyone endorse something else, but then I've not done much research):

a "b" at the start of the code means DOHC. a "d" is for SOHC. think of how the letter is drawn, and it sorta makes sense.

the pair of numbers is then decaliters (?)

d15y7 = SOHC 1.5L PFI (102hp)
b16a2 = DOHC 1.6L VTEC (160hp)
h22a1 = SOHC? 2.2L VTEC (190hp)

ok, so it's not a perfect system :) ( IMHO, D-series motors should be the DOHC ones. but, i guess then you'd need an S-series ;-) ) LOL