HX motor swap

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I've been browsing this site pretty regularly to find more information, but i dont ever seem to find a thread to answer my question. So if i have missed a previous post about this, my apologies. I have a 98 HX with about 250k on the clock. I found a motor and tranny out of a 99 ex for about $500 with about 150k on it. So with no research i just bought it. Now that im looking into it, i have a few question. Im aware that from 98-99 there was a face lift that included going from obd2a to obd2b. I also know that the HX has that 5 wire upstream o2 sensor. It also looks like there is no EGR valve on the EX motor. Ive been told that all i will need is a P28 ecu and a obd2 to obd1 jumper harness, aside from o2 sensor issue. Im just curious what all i would have to change to make it work. The car is my daily, and when i swap the motor, id like to have it down for as little time as possible. Im also debating just finding a decent 99-00 shell and just dropping it in there. Thanks for the read, and any information is greatly appreciated.
You'll need a 99-00 EX engine bay and dash harness and ECU.

Personally, I would swap a 250k HX, you're going to have tons of broken bolts, and unless the car is "special" in some way, I'd just find a 99-00 shell.